Petrol crisis update

The petrol crisis is taking a huge toll on Nepal right now.
Our neighbor, the taxi driver Rajesh, drove us to Thamel two days ago and he had bought 4 liters on the black market for five times more than the usual price.
When we went home we had to pay three times more than usual and the driver told us that he and his brother had been standing in line for petrol for two days and two nights.
He drove like a car thief since he wanted to get as far as possible on the fumes he had left. We arrived home safely and I hope he did too.
Now the government has told Nepal Oil to bring petrol and karosene to Nepal at any means and rumor says they will fly it in from Bangladesh.
The Nepalese people are growing a hatred against India that has put us in this situation just because Nepal decided to write the constitution without asking big brother India for advice.
China is taking there chance to get more influence over Nepal and the 15:th of October they will reopen the road that was heavily damaged by a landslide in August last year.
This is all about power and money and, as always, it's the poor people who are suffering the most.
Queues to a petrol station here in Kathmandu.
If they don't solve this situation til next week when the festival Dashain starts and everyone in Kathmandu is supposed to travel back to their home villages, I don't know what will happen.
The buses are already overcrowded with people on the roof and hanging on to anything sticking out.


An auspicious Buddhist puja in our house

Yesterday we had a new loud experience in our house.
We have new neighbors downstairs and they are a Buddhist Sherpa family who we have met before, when they had a local restaurant.
We thought the puja was for them moving in, but apparently it was their annual auspicious puja.
We were kind of relived to hear that it was just for one day.
We were fortunate to arrive when the action started.
I have no clue what everything is for, but I use my imagination.
Watch a clip from the puja here.
When we had picked up Leya from school, still no petrol for the school van because of the blockage at the border, we had a cup of Nepali tea and got quite a show from their adorable little girl Kanchan.
Watch it here.
Everyone in this country stands in a cool pose when you take a photo of them, even a 2 year old girl. Haha!