Next week we are going to Bhagalpur, the silk city of India, to attend to a wedding. It's the sister of Rahmani, the man we buy the old sari yarn from, that is getting married. It takes two days with the slow train and it's very exciting.
A beautiful invitation came with the post today.


New shower curtains

Golden Delhi
Delhi passion
Delhi night (same fabric and pattern as Delhi passion)


Back home in Delhi

Before we left Manali Leya red the jak Johnny. Cute animal!We rented a retur taxi back to Delhi. The trip was a hellride light and took 14 hours. Of course we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. The aged driver did some swearing in hindi and changed the tyre in a few minutes.



Great day

Today has been a great, but long day so I will update you tomorrow.
A preview!



Follow our adventures in Manali here.


Old Manali

After a 19 hours bus drive in hell we arrived to heaven.
Cerpentine, narrow roads, deep ravins, darkness, meeting trucks och crazy drivers. I was so terrified I couldn't keep my eyes open.
When we arrived we got picked up by a man owning a small guest house in Old Manali, a small village about 3,5 km from New Manali that was built 35 years ago for the indian tourists.
Our room is located in the montains, costs 5 Euro per night and have a stunning view.
Strange feeling to go from varm summer to spring.
Beautiful flowering fruit trees, snowy montains in the background, a flowing river and high clean air.
The view from our balcony.

The shepherd coming back home for dinner.
A small, old Himalayan woman with a basket on her back and a cute angora rabbit.



Tomorrow night we are going on a 15 hour bus trip to Manali in the Himalayas. We are staying at a budget hotel for a few days and it'll be fantastic with silence, beautiful nature and clean air.
I've dreamt about going to the Himalayas for many years.


Prisoners and my nose

This could be a transport for small prisoners, but it's probably not.
This brave man changed my nose jewellery. It did hurt!

But it looks nice, so it was worth the pain.

The nose man is also a silver jewellery artist.


Salem Al Fakir

Tonight is the Swedish final of the Eurovision contest.
My favourite is Salem Al Fakir. Listen to his fantastic song here.
Nicholas and Leya's favourite is Manboy with Eric Saade.
Listen here.But the forecasted winner is Anna Bergendahl.
Listen here.

I will let you know the result!



Today I wore my new sari outside of the flat for the first time.
It stayed in one pcs all day and I got a few friendly comments.
It's a fantastic garment that makes you feel even more beautiful and proud.



Today Leya and I went on a horse trip near our home. Sonnu, the horse, is of typical indian breed, thinn with ears going inwards.
Leya is proud sitting on the drivers seat.
Sonnu in Delhi traffic.
Sonnu drinking water half way.


Taylor and shoemaker

Leyas pants and shoes were broke so we took them to the taylor and the shoemaker. We sat on a chair in the middle and after 5 minutes, with the cost of 0,7 Euro, her things was as good as new.


Sweet Lassi

A few weeks ago I drank my first sweet Lassi and I loved it. It's like milkshake, but with yoghurt instead.

Leya and I at the Lassi corner at Chuna Mandi waiting for an apple lassi. Yummie!


Princess dress

Today I bought a new dress for Leya. A typical dress worn by the indian children.
Leya loves it!
This man has a knife sharpener attached to the bike, so when he is cycling he can sharpen the knifes he is selling. Of course he has lifted up the bike, so it stays in one position.
Clever business!
Today I bought a black saree. I can't eat indian food, but I will learn how to wear a saree.



Semlor is a sweet bun with marsipan and whipped cream. It's semle season in Sweden now, so Nicholas made an Indian version.
Very nice!



Indians love to take photos of Leya. When ever I'm fast enough I use to take a photo of them.
Note the little man that has his arm around Leyas shoulders. So cute!


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sunday and India Gate
We went to India Gate and did some calming boating.

Monday and Holi
We were invited to the neighbours for some snacks. Very nice people!

I look like a character in a horror movie, but it's only paint.

Lucy and Darren looks like colourful zombies.

Tuesday and fabric market

Today we went to the fabric market again.

Cute baby!