Back home!

Thursday in Delhi was absolutely crazy since it was my last day and I had quite a few loose ends to tie up.
I always buy typical Indian glittery, silky, patchword bedspreads, wallhangings and bags from this man.
He is in charge of the payment.
I also bought myself some sandals and I use to buy them from this man and his brother who always greet me with "Here comes the boss!".
10 at night I could finally take a deep breath and drink some banana lassi in the hotel room.
You find the recipe here.
Friday morning I flew home to gorgeous Nepal, to my lovely family and our sweet dogs. Love! Love! Love!


Wednesday in Delhi

Shopped summer dresses and perfume oils and pastes for different customers.
Got the order for the borders/trims (kantband) so I went back to Old Delhi and Kenari bazar.
The traffic was a nightmare, just like last time. Apparently they are building an extension to the metro along that road, so the traffic was actually worse than usual.
Well, well. I survived and got back to Main Bazar in one piece.
Went to my favorite bead guy in India and bought a few kilos of space bead parts for my own designed necklaces and bracelets.
Here he is making shiny silver color look antique with the help of some oil. He puts the stuff in a cloth and rocks it back and forth.
This time I stayed at the hotel All iz well for the first time. I can really recommend it if you ever go here.
In the lobby it's a separate cafe owned by a Korean woman and her two super cute dogs.
I use to drop in at least once a day for a lemonade and some puppy love.


Tuesday in Delhi

Yesterday I went to the nail mat factory and met Bob.
We've worked together for 6 years and now we've decided that they will hire a woman, (he asked if I wanted a man or a woman for this job and my answer was of course a woman), who will only work with sale sites, like Amazon, Flipcart, ShopClues, ebay etc. and sell our Prana nail mat on the Indian market.
They've moved to a new location and here they have one room just for buckwheat hull for filling meditation cushions.
This is a picture typical for the most factories all over the world.
The women work in one end of the room and they are paid the lowest salary. The further in to the room you get the salary increases and at the far end you have the tailors who earn the most.
I explained to Bob that he should teach women how to stitch and since he is a man who is open to suggestions, he will follow my advice.
In India you never, at least I haven't seen it, see a female tailor, but in Nepal it's more common.
In the afternoon I went to my favorite market Sarojini nagar and bought labeled surplus garments for myself and my family.
The guys get nuts when I arrive. They are shouting Mam! Mam! and want me to check the clothes, mostly tunics, they are holding up.
When I took this photo I had chosen the clothes and the guys had gathered to get paid.
Yesterday I wished I could go there incognito and just roam around, but it's impossible. When I come there they are like sharks circling a surfer.


Monday in Delhi

I've missed the auto rickshaw! It's almost a pleasure going places in this easy maneuvered sewing machine.
But going to old Delhi in the middle of the day made me realize that the traffic here is completely insane and I will try not to complain about the traffic in Nepal, that is dream compared to this.
It took more than an hour just to go a few kilometers.
The last bit I had to go with this gentleman on his cycle rickshaw.
Then I spent hours taking photos of borders and when I came back to the hotel I worked til 3 in the morning with all the photos and prices.
This man is always helping me when I get to this huge shop with borders covering 4 floors.
Aren't these colors breathtaking!



Today I'm going to Delhi for a few days of business meetings and shopping.
Main Bazar here I come!


Pernilla and Anna from Sweden

We have Swedish visitors this week. Pernilla runs her own company P-Eko Produkter and she wanted to see factories and check the working conditions, so we made a day of it.
We are grateful that Nepal has a tradition of good working conditions with light working areas, a salary you can live on, normal working hours and no child labor.
Garment factory No. 1:
Garment factory No. 2:
Wool felt factory:


Angel and Lizzie

When Lizzie isn't coming with me to town to work, it looks like this when I leave the house.
I sure feel loved and longed for!


Swine flu

Apparently the swine flu has reach Nepal and the schools, I guess it comes from the government, say that the kids must wear a face mask.
I don't like this mask thing at all since I know it's not helping and after the swine flu panic vaccinations we had in Sweden in 2009 it's well known that swine flu isn't more deadly than other flus.
Of course Leya wants to be like the other kids so she also has a mask, but I wish the schools would teach the kids generally how to avoid to get infected instead.
Like sneezing and coughing in the elbow instead of in the hands, blowing the nose in a paper tissue and wash the hands frequently.


Aircraft removal kit

Two days a go a plane from Turkish airlines had to do an emergency landing here in Kathmandu.
It seems as if it was something wrong with the landing gear.
No one was seriously injured and the passengers slid down the slides to the ground and safety.
Now the international flights are cancelled since they don't know how to remove the aircraft from the only runway.
Luckily India has sent a Hercules with an aircraft removal kit and they say the runway will be clear at 10 am tomorrow. I believe it when I see it...
Anyway! We got very curious about how this removal kit looks like. The word removal got us thinking about nail polish removal and kit seems so small, like a sewing kit.
Well. As long as it gets the work done it doesn't matter how big or small it is.
Here you can see the Hercules landing yesterday and the damaged plane in the background.


Kathrine and Manish

Last week we had friends from Sweden visiting.
It was their first trip to Nepal so we did some touristy things like going to Pashupatinath and Boudhanath, but we also did some shopping. A must when coming here!
They had to leave two days earlier since they had to go back to Delhi for train tickets to Manish' hometown in the East of India.
Sad to see them leave, (they are so sweet!), but soon they are moving to Delhi and then we can meet more often.