I'm back

A lot has happened the last few weeks and I must say it hasn't been all bad. On the contrary.
Thanks to donations we could help our friend Prem distribute rice and oil to his whole village of about 170 households.
The village council decided to buy food for the whole village instead of building shelters for a few families. A very heart warming decision from a society where you care about each other.
The residents where very happily surprised when they received a whole bag of rice. When the government came they got 2 kg each and that says a lot about the political situation here.
For example did the orphanage we work with get two soaps and a plaster from the government representative who visited them. Why even bother?
Here you can see some lovely photos from the day Prem went to his home village with a truck full of food.

My mother-in-law went back to Sweden the 15:th of June and hopefully she will move to Nepal on a permanent basis in a few months.
Sweden is both cold and very expensive to live in for a retired individual and here she can enjoy life more.

We just had to leave Kathmandu for a while to get away from everything, so we went to Pokhara where you couldn't see any damage or feel any after shocks.
The trip was absolutely amazing and healing for the whole family.
In Pokhara we met our sweet Tibetan friends and we gave them some of the donated money since they have a difficult time surviving now when the tourists are gone.

I have some great news about Maya, but I want to write the full story, so it will be in another post.