Dog leashes and collars

When we moved to India almost 6 years ago I started making dog leashes from vintage saris and my dream was to be able to give work to women to make them.
For a few years I got caught up with other things, but suddenly a company in USA saw an old post here at my blog and now we have enough orders to have a handful women working with this.
These women has the responsibility for their families so they can't get a job outside their home. With this they can work whenever they have time in their home. Very practical!
Maya is our manager and at her shop the women pick up material, leave the finished products and get paid.
It's just amazing! Dreams really come true, it's just waiting for the right time.
Yesterday I met some of the ladies in Maya's shop and it was, least to say, a bit chaotic with all their kids. It made me even more impressed that they can do this work with their kids hanging around.
Examples of leashes.
Now we are also making dog collars.


  1. Helt fantastiskt! Och vilka snygga koppel och halsband!

  2. Tjejerna är jätteduktiga! Kram!