Plastic bags

A few months back the government banned plastic bags.
A great idea for the environment since there is no recycle system here, but it's such a stupid law.
A few things that makes is very difficult without a plastic bag:
1. Bring home a chicken cut in pieces from the butcher. Do you put the slimy pieces in your pockets?
2. Try to bring home a kilo of loose rice we buy by weight at the local grocery shop in your handbag and you'll see what I mean.
3. How does the government want us to carry a lot of things we have bought for our customers to the freight office?
This is insane! In this world of consumption we have created, plastic bags are a necessity, like it or not.
We've had to buy plastic bags for our household waste on the black market.
I actually found a guy who sells packets of plastic bags that he hides behind his counter.

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