I'm so tired! The second big earthquake did a huge impact on all of us. All emotions of fear and sadness came right back.
People were sort of getting back to the every day life, but this completely unnecessary earthquake, aren't they all, one week ago, killed and injured even more people and demolished houses that were cracked from the first earthquake.
People are living outdoors, just waiting for the next big shock and rumors of coming eathquakes are making it even worse.

We have received a lot of donations from friends all over the world, so we have managed to help Suresh build corrugated sheet sheds for poor, low cast people in his home village.
The monsoon season is coming soon so they need temporary, but good shelters. No one, in this area at least, is building houses right now and the government hasn't decided how to distribute the donated money.
They are not as fast as we are...
We have been able to give Maya the money she needs to rebuild her parents' house in her home village, on the hillside, near Pokhara.
She was so happy and grateful! Saturday she left for the village to start the construction right away, so they will have it done before the rain comes.
Now we are working on raising money for our dear friend Prem's home village. He has 7 sibblings and their spouses, they have 3-4 children each and the children have children, so we are talking about a big family.
After the first earthquake it was manageable, but the second one totally ruined the whole village.
We are now asking for donations for temporary shelters for Prem's family and we already have some we can give Prem tomorrow, but we need more.
We have sweet, loving friends all over the world sending money that we can give directly to people who need it and one Canadian friend is organizing a benefit concert the 14:th of June via Skype and another is doing a MIT fitness event in Boston, USA the 22:nd of June.
Everything is so sad, but when I really cry my heart out is when people show so much love!
I have to keep strong for my family, but the horrible situation is heartbreaking.

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