Suresh and Jan & Teo

Suresh is so happy!
He got a visa to USA to participate at a gift fair in Los Angeles.
He applied twice and the second time he was lucky with his thick bunch of documents that shows he is most likely to return back to Nepal.
Apparently lots of Nepalese people apply for a visa and then stay illegally in USA.
About 200 people apply for a visa to USA every day and about 40 get it.
You can apply over and over again. You just have to pay about 160 USD/1300 kr every time.
I guess they earn a lot of money at the US embassy.

I've got to know the cute couple Jan and Teo who spend their time flying between Nepal, Turkey and USA.
Jan is originally from US Virgin Island and it was very interesting to hear about her upbringing there.
The three islands were originally a Danish territory, so her grand grandparents were Danish jews and she studied in Denmark, but USA bought the islands so nowadays they are US citizens.
Teo is from Turkey. He is a retired member of the parliament and is now assisting his fashion interested wife.

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