New furniture

Finally we've come around to update our home. Since Britt-Marie was coming the bank, (read Nicholas), had to open the wallet and spend some money.
I found this gorgeous second hand desk that was four-men-heavy to carry up the stairs and I've painted it in my favorite color lime green.
Our first wardrobe, daraj in Nepali, since we moved from Sweden five years ago.
Don't ask where we've kept our clothes, it's a mystery, but now our clothes can be tucked in just like all the other normal clothes.
I love both the design and color. Not something I can say about all ready made furniture here in Nepal.
We've been thinking about buying a fridge with a separate freezer for some time now and two days ago our old, very small fridge suddenly stopped working.
Wise from earlier experiences we should have checked the cable first, but since we hadn't seen a rat in months it didn't even cross our mind.
Yesterday a guy carried home the new fridge and I'm super happy and grateful to the rat who shewed of the cable of the old one.
We caught the hero/cute/disgusting rat last night and this morning I let it out a few streets away from our house for another house to get a not so welcome visitor.
I still don't understand why the freezer part is at the top here in Asia. In Sweden most of the freezers are at the bottom and I think that makes much more sense.


  1. snygg!! men håller med, förstår inte idén med att ha frysen där uppe..

  2. Antar att man vänjer sig. Kram!