There are people working miracles every day and Swedish Eva is one of them.
She and her staff are running two orphanages, she has collected money to educate eight underprivileged women to become nurses with midwife competense and they are working with a small Christian perish that hands out food to 70 street children twice a week.
It takes a lot of heart and hard work to keep this running and Eva is a determent woman who works full time in Sweden, going back and forth to Nepal to keep an eye on things.
Eva's immediate goal is to find a Christian perish that is willing to adopt the small perish here in Nepal for long term support.
If you are a part of a perish or know of a perish that would be interested, please let me know.
You are also welcome to donate money to the organisation that is a Swedish association very well looked after. You can be certain that every cent will be spent in the right place.
The girls, they have focused on girls since they are most likely to be victims of trafficking, were so sweet and polite.
They really loved Lizzie!

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