Happy Holidays!

The last week I've been extra grateful for the love we have for each other. When times are tough it takes a strong family not to break down.
No worries! There have been neither an earthquake, well there was a tiny one a few days ago, or a flood rushing through our house.
Let me list the issues and tell the long story short.
It all began on Christmas Eve, the day that is our main day for celebrations, according to Swedish traditions:

1. The gas for the stove finished at lunch time. Luckily Nicholas had made all the food the day before, so we didn't feel panic until the gas store put us on a waiting list since it was gas shortage for about 10 days.
Who did I call, like I always do when everything feels hopeless?
Right. I called my little brother Suresh who saves us at any time of the day.
He actually had an extra tank at home and Christmas Day he came over, but of course it didn't work, so he went for a gas guy that noticed that there was gas that had become runny in the pipe.
He fixed it and left, but when we tried it didn't work.
We called the landlord and half the family came strolling down the stairs with a screwdriver and started to attack the tank, so Nicholas had to stop them, since he feared for his life.
We tried to get the gas guy to come to our house for another four days and it was always: "I will come in half an hour." It was a looong half an hour and it hasn't finished yet.
Monday I heard a man walking around fixing stoves. They walk around the streets making metallic noises with their tools, so it's easy to hear them.
As usual he, we have hired this Indian guy before, cheated us pretty good by changing things that I don't think he had to change. And he brought the parts from our stove with him, so I guess he will brush them, spray them with gold paint and sell them to someone else.
But, when you are desperate you are willing to pay the price.
Five days without the possibility to even boil some water makes a high maintenance Swede crazy.

2. We had super long power breaks during Christmas. 10 hours straight, so even the battery gave up.
It's rather tiresome during the winter with the long power breaks. It's dark, cold and boring!

3. Finally my computer crashed Christmas Eve. I didn't worry that much since I thought a computer guy could save all my important work information and photos and we have my old computer, so I could at least check my email.
Apparently I should have worried because after two days at the computer doctor's intensive care unit everything was gone.
The guy, who I will never let my computer near again, formated the hard drive without asking us. "You didn't pick up the phone", was his reply when I went in to shock after realizing how much this guy's careless actions would affect my life.
When you get a death sentence you want to double check with another doctor. The same goes for a computer.

So I've lost all photos from 2014, but I managed to save some that was published on Facebook and here at the blog.
As usual I have made a diary video for 2014 with Leya and her friends that you can watch here.
At least we are healthy, except sinus infection and flu symptoms, and we have each other! Thank God!
We wish you all a great 2015!


  1. herregud!! <3 massor kärlek till er. gott nytt år!

  2. Ja, herre min ge! Men allt ordnar sig. Kram!

  3. Oj, oj, oj! Det var mycket på en gång.
    Bilderna på Nepal sisters var jättefina!

  4. Livet är en prövning! Kram!