THE birthday party

I think we all remember how exciting it was waiting for the birthday when we were kids.
Actually I still do. One of my grandmoms died young, two months before I was born and my mother use to say that we should be grateful for every year we live and the birthday is an excellent day for celebrations.
Leya was super excited about her 8:th birthday and this year we had the party at a kid's center so they could play and have fun.
The favorite kids' food here in Nepal is momo, so that was a must.
This is momo, if you haven't heard about it before.
Nepalese style birthday parties start with the cake, but we did it Swedish style with the cake after the food.
This party light was a hit.
We had also made some gifts for Leya's friends.
It was a great day and Leya was very happy, but tired at the end of the day.
We finished her birthday cuddled up in bed talking about the day she was born. Sweet memories!

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