Farmer's market

Yesterday was Leya's free day, so we decided to go to a farmer's market we've heard about, but first we stopped by this bunch of puppies.
One of the female dogs in our neighborhood had 8 puppies. 8 puppies!
I wonder what will happen to them. Right now they are staying inside a local restaurant.
This farmer's market is specialized on expats living in Nepal and we've wanted to go here for some time.
Since it's located close to Thamel, where we do most of our work, we don't feel like going there on Saturdays, but I'm glad we finally did.
Brunch: a sandwich, Belgian waffles and lemonade.
We ran in to this happy Swedish couple, who are teaching here for a few months.
They were selling Swedish candy and chocolate balls to support sport and music projects, so of course we wanted to help.
Strange, but fun, to see Swedish signs.
We bought a mug and some fridge magnets to support a dog shelter, run by a couple of sweet British ladies and multigrain bread, fresh and creamy goat cheese and a Brie cheese made by an actual French guy. Yummy!

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