SACC meeting in Kathmandu

This week we have some prominent guests visiting Nepal.
It's a SACC meeting with politicians from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who are here to discuss peace and prosperity.
How are we effected by this meeting?
1. They have painted walls and put concrete on the roads in two days, when it normally takes up to a year. At least the visable walls and roads are repaired.
2. The kids are free from school. We got the information only the day before, something we would never accept in Sweden, but luckily we can plan our work around Leya's needs.
3. The traffic is a hilarious part in this drama. Every other day vehicles with even numbers are allowed to drive and every other day the ones with odd numbers on the license plate can drive. How the police can stop them is another story.
4. Yesterday I went to the shopping mall to do grocery shopping and that wasn't a smart move since there were no taxis. So I had to use my Nordic muscles and carry it all the way home.
5. There are no power breaks for 5 days which should keep our guests and the 500 journalists happy. Even though the guests are staying at Hyatt and I guess the 5 star hotel never have any power breaks.
To see the road this empty is a bit scary, but in a few minutes they came driving. You can see it in motion here.