Buddha boy

For some reason I've completely missed the Buddha boy, but since our friend Lee has gone to the Bara (also the number 12 in Nepali) district to try to find him, I've searched for information about him.
I found this documentary, click here, and I must say that Ram Bahadur Bomjon is a fascinating boy, or man nowadays.
The documantary was filmed a few years back when there still was a civil war going on here in Nepal and it ends with a cliffhanger.
If you want to see a more recent film, click here.
You can clearly see that this man is not profeting from his unusual personality, like other gurus that have their own TV channels and fancy cars, and he is suffering a lot from the attention that he's trying to avoid by disappearing from time to time.
At first I felt he was sort of numb, but watch him when he try to talk about the animals. I couldn't help but shed a tear.
It's rare to see such a pure soul these days.
When it all started.
A more recent photo.

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