Thailand and 18 hours power breaks

I'm back! I know I just vanished, but we've been to Thailand for a month just enjoying the warm weather, lazy days by the pool and fresh seafood.
Guilty! Leya and I love McDonald's and since we don't have it Nepal, yet, our visits were frequent.
We celebrated Christmas Eve with Nicholas' brother and his family and friends who came from Sweden to spend a few weeks in the sun.
Most of the time we spent in a small town called Cha-am, about 20 km from Hua Hin, and we found a price worthy resort with a pool, bungalows and a 10 minutes walk to the beach.
Leya finally got the hang on swimming and we both enjoyed to snorkel. You are never too old to find new passions!
This is paradise!
We hired bikes at the hotel. Tandem is super fun!
Before we went home we stayed a few days in Bangkok and visited the amusement park Dream World and Leya had the opportunity to feel snow and go down the hill on a sledge.
I know we are from Sweden, but Leya was only 3 years old when we moved to India, so she doesn't remember what a Swedish winter is all about.
We were so lucky to have the possibility to get away from Nepal for a while.
2015 was really, really tough with the earthquakes and the Indian blockade of the border.
When we came home from Thailand it was freezing cold, it was, and still is, more than 18 hours power breaks every day and the cooking gas in our home was finished.
But we have to be hopeful! Spring is just around the corner and some border points are now open, so slowly, slowly life will go back to normal.


  1. Skönt att du är back on track. Jag gillar o läsa bloggen ❤

  2. Tack! Fast inspirationen är inte på topp just nu när vi har gått i halvide.
    Snart är våren här! Kram!