Spring and the border

Spring is here since a few days and we can feel the life spirits come to life yet again.
In Sweden we have a saying that it would be seven set backs before the winter ends, but here you can almost pinpoint the date in the calendar.
Mid February is the time to defrost and in just a few weeks we will switch the heater for the fan.
Spring blossoms always give you new hope!
Latest news about the border is that all border points are open, but so far there are still long lines waiting for petrol.
Maya says it's still difficult to find Indian products to sell in her shop, so everything is not back to normal just yet.
The new Nepalese prime minister KP Sharma Oli is in India shaking hands with important politics, but when you talk to the locals they don't give a rupee for these politicians.
KP Sharma Oli and his counterpart Narendra Modi a few days ago.
KP Sharma Oli and the External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj who says that India is not Nepal's Big brother, but it's Elder brother.
The reader is free to interpret this statement as you like.
Read the article here.

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