Happy Democracy day!

Today we are celebrating the public holiday Democracy day and it makes me think about how important this day is.
We take democracy for granted, especially after growing up in Sweden, but to be able to speak freely, love who you want, wear what you like, believe in any god and vote, is not everyone's right in this world.
People have been killed for us to be free and that is something we should be grateful about when we kiss our husband or wife, walk in the street in a sleeveless top or shorts, listen to music of any kind, pray to Buddha, Shiva, Jesus or Allah, as a women drive a car or walk alone in the city, go to school without fear of being raped or killed, or update Facebook with criticism about the government.
All this can result in prison, whipping or even death in some countries.
Here you can read how the democracy in Nepal came about.
Embrace the democracy and love each other! Peace!

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