Wednesday in Delhi

Shopped summer dresses and perfume oils and pastes for different customers.
Got the order for the borders/trims (kantband) so I went back to Old Delhi and Kenari bazar.
The traffic was a nightmare, just like last time. Apparently they are building an extension to the metro along that road, so the traffic was actually worse than usual.
Well, well. I survived and got back to Main Bazar in one piece.
Went to my favorite bead guy in India and bought a few kilos of space bead parts for my own designed necklaces and bracelets.
Here he is making shiny silver color look antique with the help of some oil. He puts the stuff in a cloth and rocks it back and forth.
This time I stayed at the hotel All iz well for the first time. I can really recommend it if you ever go here.
In the lobby it's a separate cafe owned by a Korean woman and her two super cute dogs.
I use to drop in at least once a day for a lemonade and some puppy love.

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