Aircraft removal kit

Two days a go a plane from Turkish airlines had to do an emergency landing here in Kathmandu.
It seems as if it was something wrong with the landing gear.
No one was seriously injured and the passengers slid down the slides to the ground and safety.
Now the international flights are cancelled since they don't know how to remove the aircraft from the only runway.
Luckily India has sent a Hercules with an aircraft removal kit and they say the runway will be clear at 10 am tomorrow. I believe it when I see it...
Anyway! We got very curious about how this removal kit looks like. The word removal got us thinking about nail polish removal and kit seems so small, like a sewing kit.
Well. As long as it gets the work done it doesn't matter how big or small it is.
Here you can see the Hercules landing yesterday and the damaged plane in the background.

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