Tuesday in Delhi

Yesterday I went to the nail mat factory and met Bob.
We've worked together for 6 years and now we've decided that they will hire a woman, (he asked if I wanted a man or a woman for this job and my answer was of course a woman), who will only work with sale sites, like Amazon, Flipcart, ShopClues, ebay etc. and sell our Prana nail mat on the Indian market.
They've moved to a new location and here they have one room just for buckwheat hull for filling meditation cushions.
This is a picture typical for the most factories all over the world.
The women work in one end of the room and they are paid the lowest salary. The further in to the room you get the salary increases and at the far end you have the tailors who earn the most.
I explained to Bob that he should teach women how to stitch and since he is a man who is open to suggestions, he will follow my advice.
In India you never, at least I haven't seen it, see a female tailor, but in Nepal it's more common.
In the afternoon I went to my favorite market Sarojini nagar and bought labeled surplus garments for myself and my family.
The guys get nuts when I arrive. They are shouting Mam! Mam! and want me to check the clothes, mostly tunics, they are holding up.
When I took this photo I had chosen the clothes and the guys had gathered to get paid.
Yesterday I wished I could go there incognito and just roam around, but it's impossible. When I come there they are like sharks circling a surfer.

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