Super arm

This is an instant post directly from the bed. It's 12.31 am and everyone is sleeping.
This is my favorite time of the day when I can listen to 80's music in my head phones and surf around the web for inspiration.
The reason why I'm writing today of all days, right now, is because Nicholas just said something hilarious in his sleep.
He speaks at this time almost every night, but he usually mumbles so I can't understand a single word of what he is saying.
Tonight was a different story. He said it in Swedish, but I will translate it for you:

8 hours super arm.
You get it ever day.
8 hours super arm.
You get it from this god.
Don't you get it?
It's time to charge the arm.

The reason why I heard him through the nostalgic tunes was because he was shaking his arm frenetically while talking.
I love my husband so much! 13 years together and he can still make me laugh. Especially when he's asleep.

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