A rat in the kitchen

Since we are trying to get my mother-in-law to move to Nepal, Nicholas didn't want me to post this picture, but I can't help myself since the ratsie was so cute.
If you are able to ignore the wormy tail, that is.
It's only the second rat we've had in this house and the first one Angel took care of like the expert rat killer she is.
We caught the rat on the kitchen counter after we've seen her run there like the speed of lightning a few times.
She apparently liked honey dipped bread and she was so cute that Leya wanted to keep her.
Well, she wasn't that cute to Nicholas and I, so I let her go on an empty field not too far from our house.
So, now she is someone elses problem.


  1. Hej! Huuvaa!! Inte så söt tycker jag!

  2. Nä, en råtta kan aldrig vara söt!