Bank account

When you open a bank account in Sweden you only have to show your id card. The banks are practically begging you to open an account in their bank.
Here it's a different story.
All the forms were in Nepali, I had to write down my father's and mother's name and passport numbers, I had write down all Nicholas indormation and even my dead grand father's name, lucky I didn't need his passport numer too, I had to write down all the contact information to our landlord, draw a map to our house and sign four times in the same page so they can compare my signs when I'm withdrawing money.
Of course this is very strange to me, but I had two heroes with me. Suresh did all the paper work and talked to the bank staff and Suresh' friend came along to recommend me as a current account holder in the bank.
Since I know all the hassle with the visa applications I didn't think I would get the account without some additional fuss, but the day after Suresh could go to the bank and pick up my check book.
In about 45 days I will get an ATM card, but before then I have to use the checks.
I remember when my parents used checks when I grew up. It feels like ages ago and getting the check book in my hand was a major flashback.
I'm so happy to have my own bank account in Nepal!
I could never have done it without these guys!

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