The guru is gone!

We have dreaded this Monday for a month now.
Six months ago our neighbors had the 24/7, very load puja, religious ceremony, and we had to leave the house before we got insane of all the singing and talking in the speakers.
This time it was our landlords who were to host this event and we knew we had to flee yet again.
For the last week they had been redoing the driveway for all priests and guests and we were prepared for the worst.
But, we woke up this morning and there were no load sounds out of the ordinary. Strange!
We soon got the answer. The puja was cancelled because the guru was gone.
I wonder what happened. I think we have to investigate this further. Not because we are sad, more of curiousity.
In fact we are more grateful than ever to our God Brahma, who we think had something to do with this guru's mysterious disappearance.
They even built this one meter deep hole for the puja. Someone told Leya it was ment for a man to sit there and collect money, but someone told me that they would keep a fire there.
Only God knows what traditions pop up in this exciting society.
I hope they will fill the hole soon since it's on the spot where we use to have our outdoor furniture.

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