We have come to terms with that Nani is not coming back home, so we have adopted a little girl from a street from the same block as we are living.
When we take our short dog walks around the neighborhood, we use to stay for a while where Lizzie use to live with her mom, dad and two sisters.
Lizzie is the smallest of them all and love to sit in my lap. I just felt that she could be the kind of dog I've been longing for.
Angel is so big and always alert, guarding us and I have been wanting a dog who will sleep next to me in the bed all night and would stay relaxed in my lap for a longer time than 30 sec.
Everything has worked better than expected. When we are working in town she is going back to her old street and when we get home we simply go there and pick her up.
She hears my ancle bells and come running.
She is tiny, but has long legs and is so cute. But. She is not cute to anyone else than us, so she is hardly going to be kidnapped.
When she was a puppy someone faught with her so her right ear is perfectly split into two ears.
So we have a dog with three ears and she will be my baby for the rest of her life.

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