Prime minister K.P. Oli

For the first time since we moved here we have heard good things about the Nepalese government.
Is it thanks to this man, the Prime minister Khadga Prasad Oli?
Read more about him here.
He made the historical decision to send an aircraft to bring home the remains from the suicide bombing in Afghanistan last week when 12 Nepalese security guards where killed and 7 where injured.
The plane also brought home a number of people who wanted to go back home to Nepal.
Read an newspaper article about it here. He is also taking actions about so many things that the previous leaders have discussed about for years with no result.
Like the lack of insufficient power stations, the supply of petrol and cooking gas and other important things we need to develop Nepal.
I even heard from a friend that he made a surprise visit to the airport since he believes the airport is the first door to Nepal and it must work smoothly and give a good impression.
I found an article about the visit that you can read here.
Apparently he checked everything from the security to how clean the toilets were.
When our young friends see a glimpse of hope for the future here in Nepal I feel so happy.

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