Since we have to leave the house to work a few days a week we have hired Maya.
Maya is selling pouches in the street in the tourist area and I've known here since we moved here.
I use to give her some money, but she always asks me to help her find a job and finally we could give her one.
She is really hard working taking care of Britt-Marie, doing the dishes and laundry.
Maya is the sole provider for her two daughters, a younger sister and a brother. They live in a small room that also is used as a kitchen.
She is struggling every day to pay for school fees, rent, food and everything else that we take for granted.
I'm really impressed with Maya since she has learnt really good English just walking the streets the last 14 years trying to get a rupee here and there.
Maya is 33 and her mother is 45. You do the maths! Maya's mom got married when she was 9 years old with a 29 year old man and Maya was born when she was only 12. It's as if we would get Leya married this year.So incredible horrible for a little girl!
The sad thing is that I think it still happens in remote villages.
Maya is determent to give her daughters and siblings a good education and if you want to sponsor her we'd be glad to make sure the money ends up in the right place.

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