Broken hip

The last two weeks have been, say the least, chaotic.
Britt-Marie, my mother-in-law, tripped and fell on the concrete outside our house and broke her hip.
Luckily she has a great insurance so she could get the best care available in Nepal.
A week ago she had the surgery and it showed that her bones are very fragile, but the orthopaedic surgeon is one of the best in Nepal, so he managed to screw them back together.
A few days ago she came home, but she is not allowed to put pressure on the leg for at least six weeks, so we are taking care of her. Which we gladly do since she is happy patient, determent to get back on her feet.
Here she is right after the operation with the surgeon Deepak Mahara.


  1. Krya på sig till henne!! kram från oss

  2. Ni kan snart krama henne själva! Kram!