Rain, rain, rain

A couple of days ago Nicholas said the monsun was over. Haha! Boy, was he wrong!
The night after it rained so heavy, and someone forgot to close the terrass door two stairs up from our flat, that it was a flood in our hallway.
No worries, the marble floors are great that way.
We just sweeped it donwstairs to our neighbors and then out the door.
Since then it has been raining a lot, but I'm sure they've learnt to close the door upstairs.
Apparently the monsun season is delayed two weeks, so it's possible it will be yet another rainy Dashain festival.


  1. Härlig bild!! jag får aldrig med regnet riktigt på mina bilder :) kram!!

  2. Inte jag heller. Bilden är lånad från någon som tydligen kunde. Kram!