I'm back!

After a long time I'm back!
We had a great month in Sweden and I will, soon I hope, publish the many photos we took.
The, so called, holiday was really busy with a lot of meetings with family, friends and customers all across the country.
So when we finally returned back to Nepal I was pretty exhausted and then we had a lot of work waiting for us.
Well, now I'm back in, both physical and emotional, blog mode.
Today I'd like to share a miracle that arrived the same night we returned back to Nepal.
Suresh, my Nepalese little brother went with us to Sweden, as you all know, and his wife was very pregnant and the delivery date was set to the 10:th of September.
It was a bit risky for him to go, but this was the best chance for him to travel to Europe since it's very difficult for a Nepalese citizen to get the visa.
The same day we returned to Nepal they had a doctors appointment and everything looked fine, but a few hours later the water broke and they had to do an emergency c section and out came this beautiful little boy. Thank God, Suresh came home in time!
Welcome to the world, my little nephew!

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