My first Christmas in Nepal was almost like a Christmas is ment to be.
The most people in Nepal don't celebrate Christmas but they celebrate anyway because they like to have a lot of festivals. In the supermarket they were playing Christmas carols and outside the store there was a Christmas tree. Many stores here are selling Christmas decorations and Santa Claus figures and clothes.

We had a wonderful Christmas eve with a lot of food and the menu almost looked like a swedish Christmas menu. One difference was the pickled herring. In Nepal you can't get herring so instead we used aubergine (egg plant), a vegetarien recipe. It tasted just like herring and was very good!

We also made "glögg", red sweet wine with sugar and spices. Very good and warm!

Our good friend Suresh, his whife Muna and their son Supreme, was here for dinner and tasted a lot of new food.

Leyas best friend Eva was also here for Christmas.

After dinner we saw Kalle Ankas Jul (Donald Duck) and then it was time to share Christmas presents, many, many parcels. We saw some traditional swedish Christmas moovies and after that everybody was tired after a long exciting day and went to bed.

We whish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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