Me with hair

My friends here in Nepal are of course curious to see what I looked like with hair and my mom was kind enough to send me some old photos.
This is when I was 22 and was saying bye bye! to our puppies before I went on a five months trip to New Zealand on my own.
This is an old goody from about 25 years ago. It's my father, my 4 years younger sister Tess and me in our kitchen right before dinner.
I guess it's some kind of holiday since we have the party glasses on the table.
My parents went to Madras, as Chennai was called then, a long time ago and my mom brought home a sari that, I must say, suited me pretty well.
2003 Nicholas and I got married in Rome, Italy and by then I'd started to loose my lovely hair.
We found an amazing hairdresser that managed to cover the hairless spots with this creative hairstyle.
We were married in a small, very old chapel by a retired government representative and this place was like a walk-through-wedding place for Catholics who are not allowed to get remarried in church.
We were eight people in total celebrating our marriage and we had an amazing dinner at a local Italian restaurant.
It was the best wedding ever and I'm still in love with the gorgeous guy next to me!
(Well, not the guy next to me in this photo.)

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