Last week I passed through the earthquake camp near our house, on the way to pick up Leya from school.
A young boy, Dhiraj, he turned out to be 12, approached me and insisted that I should meet his mother.
He was really well behaved and spoke good English.
His friends asked for money, but he asked for school supplies and that made a big impression on me, so of course we got him some copies, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and scales.
The only thing he asked for, other than the school supplies, was some food for his mother who has bad health, so we bought a few kilos of suntala, a small orange grown here in Nepal.
My mother is always saying that we have to eat C vitamins, so I hope it helps Dhiraj's mom to gain strength.
Here is the camp. At 6 pm it's pitch black since there is no electricity.
Dhiraj is cuddling with a camp puppy.
Dhiraj's mom is sitting in the middle, a little to the right, in a maroon sweater.
You can see everyone smiling and it's very characteristic for the Nepalse people. They keep on smiling even if their heart is crying.
Leya is buying the school supplies.
When we brought the supplies we were invited in to the family tent.
Apparently they rent a room somewhere, but it's not safe after the earthquakes so they don't stay there. They are also very afraid of new earthquakes.


  1. Ni har ett gott hjärta! Härligt att läsa.
    Kramar till er!

  2. Tack! Det är svårt att inte göra något när man ser hur hemskt de har det. Kram!