In Sweden you throw away broken electronics, unless you have a handyman in your family, and I think it's a shame. But it's what makes the world go around these days. Shopping, I mean.
Here it's easy to leave the things at a repair shop and so we did with our halogen heater and the stereo.
To buy a new heater we'd have to pay 15 USD (110 kr) and a new stereo is about 30 USD (220 kr). The repair charge was 7 USD (50 kr), so we saved some money. A sum we wouldn't even reflect on in Sweden, but here it's different.
Apparently a rat had crawled inside the stereo and shewed of some cables.


  1. So true, but here its so expensive to go to a repairshop or call a handyman so that its not worth it, sometimes even cheaper to buy new..