A vacation in the mountains is a great treat for both body and mind.
This time we stayed at the Hotel at the end of the Universe.
We had this cute little cottage all to ourselves.
The first evening we were hit by a hail rain and the girls had never seen anything like it.
The next morning the sun was shining from a clear blue sky and we had a pleasant time in the little garden. You can see that they dry the hotel laundry on the hedge.
Wednesday it was the dogs' day, so they had a special ceremony.
Even Lizzie, who of course came with us on this trip, got a tikka and a flower necklace, but we had to remove the necklace since the bees were chasing her.
A nice walk to the tiny village center and we were accompanied by this breathtaking view.
At the top of the universe they have built a Shiva temple.
Super cute girls!
Today we came back to Kathmandu for some hands on celebrations with our Nepalese family, Mom Sweetie and the rest of the gang.


  1. Hej! Ser jättemysigt ut. Där hade ni nog det härligt. Kram!

  2. Åh så fint!!! det behövde ni! kramar!

  3. Det är jättefint uppe i bergen. Kram!