I've had headaches for 20 years and I've eaten more medicine than anyone should do.
Three weeks ago the pharmacy declared that it was shortage of my migrain medicine and I panicked. When I get the migrain attachs there is nothing that helps except this medicine.
For days at a time I stayed in bed and if you have headaches you know you're on the verge of insanity when there is nothing you can do to stop it.
By chance, or fate according to me, I happened to wander a street I've never been on before and there was this ayurveda shop.
Just a small, small shop with lots and lots of buckets and plastic bags of mysterious roots and herbs.
In the middle sat a young man and I followed my senses and sat down with him.
It turned out he was an ayurvedic "medicine man" (my words) and the knowledge has transfered down from father to son for generations.
This is Madhu. A 27 year old man with a wish for travelling, but he is stuck in his shop since he has to support his whole family.
Uptil now I've only come across shops selling readymade ayurveda medicine, but Madhu is the real deal.
I told him about the problems with my health and he said he could help me.
At that point I had nothing to loose so I told him to work his magic.
He put together about 20 different herbs and roots with strange names, most of them picked in remote places in the Himalayas.
Then his worker crushed and mixed it all in a big mortar and it was hard work for him.
This is the final powder that I mix with honey, about one teaspoon, morning and evening.
He also gave me a paste that comes from a black stone that is exposed by water, maybe from a waterfall, I can't find any information about it, and I eat a pinch of it every morning.
It's horrible, sticky and tastes like tar.
I hoped this would help, but I had no idea it would help so fast and permanent.
After five days of the daily intake I woke up and felt everything was different. No headache or heavy head since then!
It's a true miracle and I really want to share this with you.
Read more about ayurveda here.
This is ancient medicine based only on natural ingredients and Madhu makes the medicine to each individual's needs.
If you are interested in trying this, please let me know.
Maybe you are like me. You have tried the pharmaceutical options available, but it only ease your symphtoms for a while. Maybe you don't have anything to loose either.
You can eat ayurvedic medicine even if you don't have a medical condition. Just to keep your immune system intact and keep your body and mind in shape.
I can definately recommend Madhu's magic!

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