Anna Hazare

The other day Leya and I went to the area where Anna Hazare was hunger striking against the corruption in India.
Anna is a simple man without family prepared to die for the cause, 74 years old and has worked as a social worker.
Leya and I dressed upp in the colours of India, green, orange and white and we got a lot of attention since we seemed to be the only foreigners there.
Hundreds of people took our photo and Leya even ended up in the newspaper.
I was interviewed by a TV channel and it felt important to be there and give him our support.
The bill is now accepted, if I'm not misinformed, but I'm skeptic.
The importance with this bill is that even the premiere minister and his entourage can face charges if they are bribed, but we just have to wait and see.

Greed is the one of the sins that is going to ruin the human life.

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